“Shades of Towels” in Exotic Catwalk Performance Showcasing the 2016's collection of VOSSEN


Casablanca Group Limited, the leader of the home textile industry in the Greater China area, has been the official exclusive distributer of Austria best-known towelling producer VOSSEN in the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau region. To showcase the latest colorful “Shades of Towels” and toweling trends, VOSSEN Collection 2016 Exhibition with exotic catwalk performance will take place at The 24th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watched & Houseware Fair from 25th to 28th April, 2016 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

Mr. Ricky Cheng, the Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Casablanca Group Limited, welcomed the guests at the VOSSEN Collection 2016 Product Launch: “We believe everyone in city pursue a more comfortable and higher quality lifestyle at home, relieving all stress and tension to achieve the best balance of life. Coinciding with the same Brand Philosophy, Casablanca is much honored to begin the partnership officially with the best-known towelling producer VOSSEN from Austria since last year, and became the exclusive distributor in the Greater China Region, to introduce various exquisite towelling products with best functions to the market.”

Mr. Bertrand Pichon, International Sales Director of VOSSEN, also came from Austria and showed at the Product Launch, to thank all the customers' support for VOSSEN in the Greater China region, also promote the sustainable development and management principles of VOSSEN: "Everything we do is done in a respectful way whereby we perfectly harmonies the three pillars of economics, ecology and corporate social responsibility. For example, we operate a sustainable production in an Austrian nature reserve in order to reducing the ecological footprint. We also support Fair-trade and cotton cooperatives, using carefully selected suppliers. All examples prove that VOSSEN practices corporate social and ecological responsibility to protect and respect our future.”

6 Proprietary Technology and Certifications --- The Comprehensive Towelling Experience offered only by Austria

Aiming the pursuit of best life quality from the market's need, VOSSEN immerse its finest Austrian lifestyle, culture and color art into every collection; enable to let the customers experience the real pleasant and relaxing “Austrian” lifestyle in Greater China Region. With its production based in Burgenland, Austria, every VOSSEN product produced in sustainable method is guaranteed the best quality from the geographical benefits of rich natural resources, innovative technology and quality management, winning the hearts of customers worldwide.

By VOSSEN’s brand philosophy of “A Touch of Energy”, every VOSSEN toweling products offer the comprehensive product experience from Austria --- The 6 Proprietary Technology and Certifications:

  • Made in Austria: With rich geographical advantages and abundant resources, ensure the best quality of every produced products.
  • AIRpillow Technology: Superior absorbency with unique handle of softness. 90% less fluffs and lints.
  • KKV dyeing method: A cold dyeing method using only environment friendly dyeing substances. Lifetime Colour guarantees.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100: Worldwide recognition which guarantees no harmful substance is contained and pollutant free.
  • Support Fair Trade: Made with FAIRTRADE Cotton, standing for worldwide fair trade.
  • Dermatologically Tested by FKT Label: Ensure skin compatibility and prevent from skin irritation.


The Perfect Combination of Tencel and Cotton,   Creating the Natural "Moisturizing" Fiber

In VOSSEN's 2016 collection, the newly launched series "High Line" is the most noteworthy by its exquisite green fiber Tencel, offering excellent "skincare" feature in product with the combination of Cotton. Retaining the usual features of great absorbency and durability of Cotton, Tencel gives a more silky sensation and a more outstanding colour appearance in product. The most surprising quality of Tencel for the ladies, is its "skincare" feature which prevents lesser water loss than any other fibers when the skin contacts to it and generates friction, working like a Natural "Moisturizing" Fiber as night cream’s function.

Complying VOSSEN's pursuit on Eco-style and green living, Tencel can also be completely decomposed in the soil and produced sustainably with pollution free. It is also known as "The Future's Green Fibers"


Exotic Catwalk Performance Showcases the latest Towelling Trends

Highlighting the characteristics of VOSSEN's collection, a 15-minute Exotic Catwalk Performance is specially prepared for the 2016's exhibition. Starting by a scenario of flight boarding, the Catwalk demonstrates as a journey to discover the cultures worldwide from Brazil, India, Africa and Orient, showcasing VOSSEN's extraordinary colors and artistic style of products, while emphasizing the strong product qualities of elasticity and comfortability.



Introduce High Quality with Best Value Products to Market to Create an International Brand and Enterprise

Mr. Ricky Cheng has encouraged the retail shops and department stores for more business opportunity and partnership, said "By VOSSEN's 6 Proprietary Technology and Certifications, we can together bring the higher quality with better value to the market on one hand, also we are offered the great support by the innovative marketing strategies and quality-guaranteed production from Austria on other hand, to achieve the win-win relationships with business partner and customers.

With 20 years of rich retail market experience by Casablanca, we are now welcome any business partnership and opportunity in retail industry to offer the market a better choice of quality products, while increasing the brand's value to create an international brand and enterprise in the industry.”

Mr. Ricky Cheng, the Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Casablanca Group Limited, was interviewed by the media

Mr. Bertrand Pichon, International Sales Director of VOSSEN, was interviewed by the media.


About Casablanca Group Limited:

Established in Hong Kong since 1993, Casablanca Group Limited is one of the leading branded bedding products companies in the Greater China region, mainly engaged in the design, production, distribution and retailing of bedding products, with a focus on the high-end and premium markets. Not only operating mainly three proprietary brands - Casablanca, Casa Calvin and CASA-V, the Company is also licensed to operate internationally-renowned brands. After years of development, the Group has established a leadership position in the bedding products market in Greater China Region nowadays. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, with its sales network of over 300 points of sales, covering about 100 cities in the Greater China region including the four Tier-1 cities: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, provincial cities and economically prosperous regions.

Casablanca Group Limited has been successfully listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2012 (Stock Code: 2223), becoming the first and the only bedding brand listed in Hong Kong.


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VOSSEN, one of Europe’s best-known terry towelling producers is based in in Burgenland, Austria. With the brand philosophy of “A Touch of Energy”, VOSSEN produces high quality towelling products of towels, bathrobes and bathmats. Thanks to the innovative AIRpillow technology and KKV dyeing method, every produced product of VOSSEN is guaranteed the best sensations, colour appearance and functions. VOSSEN also values and respects the future of our environment by investing in a clean and highly organic, sustainable production, including water treatment, earning the world recognition of environmentally friendly production --- OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. VOSSEN is currently owned by Linz Textil AG.

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