【Charity Event】Green Donation for“Green Baby”


To consist with our annual branding campaign “Love Casa Love ECO”, Casablanca strives to maintain product sustainability in our product development and other aspects. To fulfill the social corporate responsibility, we gathered a batch of unused baby products, plushies, and wireless power banks from previous events and donated them to Green Baby. All of the goods will be passed to the people with needs through volunteer work to avoid wastage.


Green Baby is a charity organization under Caritas Hong Kong. They applied the 5R concept (Recycle, Refurbishment, Reuse, Rebuild, Reignite) to support and encourage single mothers to re-enter the job market by recycling, sorting, and selling second-hand baby goods in the community.


Casablanca is glad to support Green Baby and we sincerely hope that our little action will support young mothers and deliver our sweetness and blessings to those in need!